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"Не верь ничему, где бы ты это ни прочёл и кто бы ни сказал это; не верь, даже если это сказал я, - если это не согласуется с твоим рассудком и чувством здравого смысла"

“Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.”

Gautama Buddha


Эзотерика - глазами 100% материалиста и атеиста

The main issue of this site is: «What esotericism can add to our understanding of human intellect, consciousness, to creation of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?» The history of esoteric teachings covers several millenniums, while that of AI – less than 50 years. Questioned are even the philosophic fundamentals – idealism vs. materialism, concepts of matter, energy and information. In what follows I try to elucidate notions of intellectual subject, sign, signal, information, belief, mystic theories, egregors. Analysis of such concepts as «magic», «God» forces me to conclusion that they are artifacts of our psychology and socio-psychology. At the same time, real importance of these aspects can be so determinative that efforts to create AI without proper consideration of these issues look impossible.

Probably, it would be instructive to start from the paper: "Метафизика эзотерики"

I must apologize to readers for the mixture of English and Russian: it happened so historically and was not put into order until now.

Этот сайт динамичен: содержание его разделов перманентно дополняется и изменяется, отражая динамику точки зрения автора и его прилежание.


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